Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Elaboration of Main Theory and Concepts

- Images fall under 3 categories : Binary Images, Grayscale Images and Colour Images
Binary images are made up of 2 colours which are black (pixel value 0) and white (pixel value 1).
- Grayscale images have a pixel value range of 0 - 255
- A color image is made up by 3 planes which are the Red , Green and Blue plane.

- Each of the colour image components has pixel value ranging from 0 - 16,777,216, 0 being black and 16,777,216 being white.
- Bit depth is used to measure the number of bits used to "describe" each pixel.
- Binary Images have 1-bit depth, Grayscale Images have 2 - 8 bit depth while Colour Images have 24-bit depth.

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