Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Images during Research

What the Group Needs to Accomplish by the End of the Project

Firstly, the group members would have to pay attention to the lecture that the professor would be giving us. This is so that we can compile together what we have heard and understood from the lecture. This is important as we will be able to clear up many misunderstandings that we have.

Secondly, the group needs to finish the exercises in the project manual. This is to give us a little background on what the project will be about. This is key to the project as we might not be able to know what to do when it comes to doing the project.

Lastly, the group will have to finish the project that is given towards the end of the project manual. From there, we will have to put our results together and present them to the professors and teachers.

Elaboration of Main Theory and Concepts

- Images fall under 3 categories : Binary Images, Grayscale Images and Colour Images
Binary images are made up of 2 colours which are black (pixel value 0) and white (pixel value 1).
- Grayscale images have a pixel value range of 0 - 255
- A color image is made up by 3 planes which are the Red , Green and Blue plane.

- Each of the colour image components has pixel value ranging from 0 - 16,777,216, 0 being black and 16,777,216 being white.
- Bit depth is used to measure the number of bits used to "describe" each pixel.
- Binary Images have 1-bit depth, Grayscale Images have 2 - 8 bit depth while Colour Images have 24-bit depth.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Main Theory or Concept of Project

- It is to make easy storage for good quality photos.
- It is also for us to learn the basic concepts of Digital Image Processing with issues related to JPEG compression.
- It is to filter and remove noises from the image to make it more cleaner.
- An image is made up of pixels and a binary image has only 2 possible values for each pixel.
- Pixels are made up of bits.

A binary image

Introduction to Group Members

Our group consists of 3 members.

- Ding Ruoqian(
- Ancel Chong(
- Dion Low (